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Iliya Zaki is Singapore's foremost composer in the Epic Orchestral and Trailer Music genre. He found his love for symphonic music at an early age, and progressed to music of the rock and metal at 9 years old. His childhood idols, Japanese heavy metal band X-Japan, continue to be his greatest source of musical inspiration.

Drawing influence from the works of Yoshiki Hayashi, Hans Zimmer and Thomas Bergersen, Iliya focuses on creating music that tells a compelling emotional story.

OCTOBER 2013 – Iliya’s break into the industry came after he was approached by Peter Ebbinghaus of Soundtracks and Trailer Music to compose a track for Composers for Relief: Supporting the Philippines. He also worked with Really Slow Motion Music & Sound Design, Dos Brains, switch. in the subsequent months. These opportunities would not have been possible without the support of many outstanding individuals in the industry.

NOVEMBER 2014 – Iliya released his debut album, LYRA, under the guidance of EpicMusicVn. The track “Starlight” of the album landed Iliya’s first trailer placement.

SEPTEMBER 2016 – Iliya obtained a Master’s Degree in Progessional Media Composition from Thinkspace Education

PRESENT – Iliya is preparing for his largest album yet. The first single, Fire, Save Us, a massive 7-minute long composition is due for release soon.

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