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Art is communication of emotion; Art is also collaboration. So what can Art do for humanity today? 

Fire, Save Us is a collaboration spanning three art forms: Photography, Literature and Music. We collect photographic and musical portraits, and true stories of struggle. Our struggles reveal common threads of humanity that weave us as individuals into a vibrant shared tapestry that is the human condition. Communities divided by socio-political and economic lines can use their common narrative of struggle to build a bridge across alienation. 

Fire, Save Us also serves as a publicity campaign for Rise of Fire, an album of the Epic Orchestral genre by Singaporean composer Iliya Zaki.

"The album is a musical representation of Iliya’s struggle to find his fire for music after his decision to enter an 8-month hiatus from music and social media. His retreat, spurred by the unending stream of heart-breaking developments in world news and the deaths of several friends– some due to suicide, nevertheless culminated in Rise of Fire’s emotionally turbulent thematic material. Through his music, Iliya bares his soul and the laments his realisation that life is truly fragile.”

This project is a realisation of the Fire in us all– the resolve and the passion, to press through struggle. We believe this is how our Art has a role in making the world a better place. 

Fire, Save Us is a collaboration between three Singaporean artists: a photographer, a writer, and a composer. We collect portraits of people, the stories behind their unique struggles, and compose music inspired by these stories.

KIAN WEE – Armed with a training in design and currently a final year degree student of Fine Arts at LASALLE, his artistic practice lies in exploring the lines between fiction and reality through visual media. Examining the perception and narrative possibilities of these mediums.

STASHA WONG – Formerly a session bass-guitarist for notable Singaporean artists Gentle Bones and Deon Toh. At present, Stasha plays for The Good Life Project, and is in her third year at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music whilst pursuing a minor in Political Science. She is also Honorary Secretary of local Animal Welfare Group, SOSD. She writes.

ILIYA ZAKI – Singapore’s foremost Epic Orchestral and Trailer Music composer. Having emerged from social isolation through the help of his music, Zaki came to realise the role of expression in his catharsis. Now he hopes that his music can help others let go of their own struggle.

How can I be a part of the campaign?

Tell us about something you are struggling with. Tell us your story. 

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