Iliya Zaki

Iliya Zaki



Iliya is an avid cryptocurrency investor and trader since mid-July 2017. His investing journey kicked-started when he became one of the admin and moderator for Datadash.  Iliya oversaw Datadash's Youtube Channel soared from a few thousand subscribers to over 300,000 within a few months. As an admin, he was responsible for policies in the social community and created the framework, and headed the community's group of traders- both veterans and budding ones. 

In May 2018, Iliya became Community Manager of Chainfund- a crypto-asset management fund, based in Switzerland. Chainfund provides an opportunity for new investors to invest in cryptocurrencies with strong financial and technical expertise. 

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MNODE is Chainfund's newest product, providing an additional income stream to investors by putting their cryptos to work. Earn While You Sleep with MNODE: Zero-fee tokenized Masternode Fund. 

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