Fire Save Us

Iliya Zaki




Fire, Save Us Artwork Poster designed by Koke Nunez Gomez

Artwork by Koke Núñez Gómez
Mixed and Mastered by Toby A Mason

Track Description

Fire, Save Us is a musical representation of Iliya’s struggle to find his fire for music after his decision to enter an 8-month hiatus from music and social media. Spurred by an unending stream of heart-breaking developments in world news and the deaths of several friends– some due to suicide, Iliya’s turn inward culminated in this emotional 7-minute epic, through which he bares his soul and the essence of his realisation that life is truly fragile.

The thematic material of Fire, Save Us, particularly the piano melodies, originated from Iliya’s time in tertiary school. However, it was only through his 8-month reflection that he developed these ideas into the sound he always envisioned.

Fire, Save Us is just the beginning of an epic journey. Join Iliya in his fight to make the world a better place by visiting the FIRE SAVE US CAMPAIGN page to learn more. #FireSaveUs #FireisRising

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"A heartfelt thanks to Koke and Toby who agreed to be part of this project without a moment's thought. They captured the essence of the track and applied their respective skills into perfecting it. They have worked tirelessly under my constant bugging and a simple 'thank-you' does not suffice."

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Fire, Save Us is a part of an album currently in works. Due to be released in 2017

"May we all find the Fire: our innate desire to do good."
~ Iliya Zaki


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