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Welcome to my Blog! 

This is where (if I feel like it) I share my thoughts on anything and everything from favorite animes to deep life questions. 

I do not promote the blog much (or at all) so I will leave it to the universe (and SEO) to bring people here. :)) <3

Of course, my thoughts are my own. You are entitled to agree or disagree. I strive to remain on neutral grounds as much as possible. My favourite questions are usually hard questions such as about God, spirituality, religion.



Understanding Patience


Understanding Patience: What is it and what it is not

To understand what is patience, it will take a lot of patience (hehe). But in all seriousness, I have realized that generally, we do not grasp the essence of what…

The Idea of "God" in Various Religions


The Idea of "God" in Various Religions

There are so many more religions to include here but for now, we will just focus on these concepts. Ultimately, these concepts mentioned below are beliefs based on each of their own individual…

1st Podcast - Welcome! 



Hi folks! This is my first podcast when I actually go deep into philosophy and life. I have such thoughts every single day as I not only go through life as a musician but as a human being. You are…

Full Biography

Iliya Zaki Bin Aziz is Singapore’s foremost composer in the Epic Orchestral and Trailer Music genre. He found his love for symphonic music at an early age, and progressed to music of the rock and metal at 9 years old…