The Idea of "God" in Various Religions


The Idea of "God" in Various Religions

There are so many more religions to include here but for now, we will just focus on these concepts. Ultimately, these concepts mentioned below are beliefs based on each of their own individual reasons supporting it. But to me, it is essentially describing the same thing; just conveyed and interpreted differently due to differences in culture, era, environment, knowledge, and many more. Most importantly, however, is language

*In no particular order

  • Judaism - YHWH
  • Christianity - Father, the Holy Trinity
  • Islam - Allah 
  • Shintoism - Amenominakanushi
  • Taoism - the Tao
  • Confucianism  - the Tao
  • Hinduism - Brahman
  • Buddhism - Pratītyasamutpāda or simply, the Tao
  • Sikhism - Ik Onkar
  • Zoroastrianism - Zurvan, Ahura Mazda
  • Native Americans - the Great Spirit
  • Modern Spirituality - Consciousness
  • Norse - Ginnungagap
  • Atheism - Logic, physical reality
  • Ancient Egypt - Nun, Re, Atum
  • Incan - Viracocha
  • Greek - Zeus, and Khaos (Chaos)

There is a concept that is more of a political philosophy created in a totalitarian regime. In North Korea, their religion is Juche. In their reality, the idea of "God' is Kim Il-Sung. It may or may not be a real concept of the true All-powerful sovereign. But my point is that, to people in North Korea, in their reality, the All-Powerful Sovereign, IS Kim Il-sung.

Another concept that is so generic that it was impossible for me to categorize it within a name. That concept is "the Universe". The idea of "the Universe" can be applied to many ways of life. The concept of the Cosmos was adopted by the Incans, Egyptians, Atheists, Zoroastrianism, and my goodness, so many more. The more commonly known phrase that highlights this concept would be "The Universe manifesting itself." 

Which religions do I subscribe to?

Now I may have made mistakes here and there on the fundamental usages of those words so I apologize for that in advance. I am most familiar with the Abrahamic religions, particularly in Islam as it is one I personally subscribe to and have been brought up with since I was born. Therefore, the word for God I use on a daily basis, in my dreams, in my head, in my subconscious, is Allah Azza wa Jalla (Mighty and the Majestic). 

Depending on where you are in the world, no matter your background, everyone will have subscribed to one of these concepts. Over time, I hope to explore these concepts either through podcasts or blog posts. 

How are religions different then?

I probably will not go into the details on this blog post and each religion requires their own separate post. Apart from ideologies and systems, apparently, the definition found in all of these religions are the cause of most or all violence in today's world. Let's explore other aspects of life that contain similarities with how people view religion today. I will try to be consistent with my standards above, let's apply this to:

  • Football --
    Fundamentally, Football (or soccer) is a game that involves 22 people and a ball. There exist THOUSANDS of football clubs in the world. "Football is a religion." Ever heard of that? So the question then, which is THE correct football club?
  • Music --
    There are literally countless genres and musical styles. Which is the correct form of music?
  • Food -- 
    Again, millions of cuisines. Which is the correct food?
  • Phones --
    Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Oppo. Which is the correct phone brand?
  • Colors --
    Blue, red, green, purple. Which is the correct color? 

We can go on but maybe you get the point. :) 

Thank you, all, for your kind attention. :) <3 


Disclaimer: If anyone disagrees on my word usages, please let me know down on the comments! I will look into it. My intention of these blog posts are simply means of reflection and should not be used for academic purposes or formulating conclusions. You are encouraged to look within yourself and do your own research. 

The consistent standard that I am employing when crafting my blog posts revolves around the definition of the word "Belief".

Belief —  
the acceptance of something to exist or be true without evidence/proof. The rationale behind a belief comes from the reasons supporting that belief. To address someone’s belief is to challenge the reasons 

Belief synonyms — 
accept, faith, conviction, opinion, view, ideology, thought, interpretation, conclusion, impression, feeling 

Reason — 
a cause, explanation or justification for something. A premise of an argument in support of a belief. An establishment of what is possible, practical or correct 

Religion — 
a subscription to a way of life that is based on logical reasoning, instinctual 'feeling', emotional responses and/or upbringing


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