Thanks to my publishers, I am happy to have my music placed in World of Warcraft, WWE, NHL, NFL, Singapore NDP 2019, and also popular channels such as ESPN, HBO, Eurosport, Discovery, Fox, Sky Sports, beIN and so many others. Hopefully, there will be more to come!! :)







W.O.W Sounds

Tavern Music Pack

Gothic Storm


Epic Music VN

Epic Music VN Album Resurrection, composed by REENFILMMUSIC, supervised by Iliya ZakiEpic Music VN Album, Odyssey composed by Various Artistes, supervised by Iliya ZakiEpic Music VN Album Echoes, composed by Lyubomir Yordanov, Epic Music VN Album Lament of Valkyrie, composed by Peter Roe, supervised by Iliya ZakiEpic Music VN Album Pulsar, composed by Various Artiste, supervised by Iliya Zaki

As Composer and Music Director
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From November 2014 - 2016
All albums are available for purchase at iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, and many other stores.


The track "Starlight" from his EP "LYRA" was used in the trailer for These Final Hours. The track starts at 0:45


Official EP Trailer for LYRA published by EpicMusicVN


switch. Album Minima composed by Various Artiste and Iliya Zaki

Track Titles : A Heartbeat Away & Divine Justic
Album Title : Minima

Colossal Trailer Music

Colossal Trailer Music Album Outlandish composed by Various Artiste

Track Title : Ascension
Album Title : Outlandish
22nd April 2015

Track Title : Spirit of Justice
Co-composer : Elias Nilsson 
Album Title : Supernova
19th December 2016


Really Slow Motion Music & Audio 

Really Slow Motion Album Paradoxical UniverseReally Slow Motion Album The X Files

Track Name : Don't Leave Me feat. DEON
Album Title : Paradoxical Universe
June 2015

Eon Sounds Production

Track Name : Khronos + Chronos
Album Title : Parallel 51
December 2016

Track featured in this album promo.


Dos Brains

 Dos Brains Album Fire and Ice 
Track Name : Salt in Our Veins
Album Title : Fire & Ice
Post Production by Mathieu Hallouin
December 2014


Imagine Music

Imagine Music Album Revival

Track Title : Mighty Siberia feat. Xenia Muchanow
Album Title : Revival 
Co-composer : Alexey Soloviev



Production Work

Eon Sounds

Eon Sounds Production Music Logo

Contributed to Tenacious Orchestra



Hanafie Warren Album Riwayatku Album ArtHanafie Warren and Iliya Zaki singing


Main Lyricst
Back up Vocalist
December 2015

Listen to the album on Spotify HERE!



Caspar Productions 

Caspar Productions

As in-house Music Director & orchestral mock-up artist.


Starlight Alchemy

Starlight Alchemy Singapore

As Music Director for Starlight Alchemy, Singapore Night Festival Show.
September 2015

Starlight Alchemy Night Festival Singapore with Iliya Zaki