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Why a Patreon Page?

In mid-2017 to mid-2019, I stopped focusing on music as the pressure of social responsibilities was too overwhelming to keep up with  "doing what I am passionate about".

During my two year hiatus, I found out a lot about myself, and one of the things that I realized was that my passion for music is real. Therefore, starting this page is a "do whatever it takes" moment.

By contributing to my Patreon, you will become an integral part of my life and therefore, I am unable to truly thank you. You will be a part of my journey as I strive to compose every single day. 

What will I do

I will compose every single day, as that is what the job requires. The musical pieces I write shall either be in the hands of publishers and unreleased to the public, or be available to the public via Soundcloud, YouTube, and online streaming platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, and others. 
Publicly unreleased music under publishers is essential for long-term sustainability in the industry and therefore, my bread and butter. However, your pledging on Patreon will encourage me to release more music for the public audience, which is my most-wanted wish in music.

I will compose three categories of music: 

  • Daily Music (as often as I can)

Music under this category is quick-fire tracks that typically take less than a few hours to work on. These tracks will eventually either be publicly released on online streaming platforms OR just Soundcloud/YouTube. 

Examples: Calm SkiesPhoenix AshRising StarAshes Remain

  • Exclusive Music (Official Singles/EP & Albums)

 Music under this category consists of personal tracks which I take all the time I need to make it perfect. I would class these tracks as manifestations of myself and my true musical sound.

Examples: Fire Save UsGlass ShardAtanuaRise of Fire, Samara

  • Unreleased Music (Industry-Only releases)

Industry-Only releases are music that is under a publisher and shall be used to gather royalties and sync income. These tracks will not be available for public listening until the publishers release them. The music is written according to briefs provided by the publishers. Due to legal issues, the tracks will not be available for download on my terms and therefore, can only be an early-access sneak-preview treat.

ExamplesTriumph of SpiritHyperionTogether in Victory

What Your Money will be used for

  • Allowing me to work full-time on music
  • Invest in music-related products to improve my production
  • *secret task that only those who have pledged will know* 

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